Jet the Hareplane

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Jet the Hareplane – Jet set up business as an independent hareline pilot this year, when he realised that life wasn’t moving fast enough for his liking. To realise his dream, he studied haeronautical engineering and developed a strap-on 3p coin-operated jet propulsion harecraft wing. Sure, it was a harebrained idea, but he couldn’t hare less, and soon enough he was hareborne and hurtling towards the hareizon. He’s pretty hoppy, and hopping his business will really take off soon – certainly now that he has a passenger cabin strapped to his belly.

Dinky Doors are anonymous street artists from Cambridge. They are on an unexpected mission to *SAVE THE WORLD* from relentlessly terrible news and wanton drudgery. It’s ambitious, certainly, but the doors they have built and installed around Cambridge are dinky dollops of quirkiness that people are finding joyful and delightful.