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Larry is the most flamboyant hare! Designed by internationally renowned interior designer Laurence Llewlyn Bowen, local artists Bronwyn Oldham and Andy Downes were tasked with recreating his gorgeous floral design in their own unique way. Working together and using their individual artistic mediums of spray paint and floral photography, their combined talents have given Larry a ‘new waistcoat of many colours!’ With a jet black base with bright flowers in pinks. He is beautiful!

We have 2 artists for Larry. In Andy’s art he likes to capture the beauty of the human condition. Stature, figure, projection and emotion. 
Andy works in various mediums but mainly in oil and acrylic paint. Bronwyn is a photographic artist; Bronwyn is captivated with all things floral. She encapsulates their intoxicating beauty, form and shape, through the use of photography to create large scale artworks with a nod to the Old Dutch Masters. Bronwyn is a regular exhibitor in the Leigh Art Trail and has work in collections, both locally and internationally