The Rossi Hare

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Iā€™m Mark Grantham from Radio Southend. We teamed up with Rossi Ice Cream to find a Voice for the Rossi Hare, and the competition winner was Maria Hickey.

Inspiration for the Rossi Hare was modelled on the retro style swimwear of the 1930ā€™s. The iconic Rossi colours, blue and white, are painted on to striped vintage swim top and short swim skirt, with ruffles, constructed from plaster, creating a 3 dimensional effect. A bandana and head scarf, together with a cool pair of swimming goggles, and of course, the iconic Rossi ā€˜99ā€™, complete her look.

Caron Brandajs (pron: Brand-Ash) is a local artist who creates bespoke artwork for residential and corporate projects. She works along side interior designers and directly with clients to create and supply innovative artwork to compliment their interiors.